Social Security Disability

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Just because you're unable to work doesn't mean you don't deserve help. When you need financial assistance to pay bills or medical debt, consider Social Security. At the Law Office Of Felice A. Brodsky, you can discuss your situation with an expert Social Security Disability lawyer with 14 years of experience working in Social Security and 26 ½ years practicing Social Security Disability law, providing over 40 years of professional insight.

We'll explain your options, including Supplemental Security Income (SSI) meant for low-income individuals and Social Security Disability (SSDI) available to workers with a given number of work credits. Then, our attorney will walk you through the Social Security disability claims process and help you build a strong case. We're dedicated to helping the people who need it most and don't accept payment unless you win your case.

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We can help with any stage of the process

We can help with any stage of the process

Maybe you already applied for Social Security, but your application was rejected. Fortunately, you still have options. The Law Office Of Felice A. Brodsky helps clients in all kinds of situations, including...

  • Drafting and filing an initial Social Security disability claim
  • Requesting a hearing if the claim is rejected
  • Filing for an appeal if the hearing is denied
  • Escalating the case to a federal district court

We'll help you pursue every possible avenue for obtaining the financial assistance you need. Call our office at 716-434-0024 for more information.