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Make Sure Your Wishes Are Followed

Take advantage of estate and Medicaid planning in Lockport, NY

The future is always full of uncertainties. But you don't have to leave your future to chance. With estate and Medicaid planning, you can document how you want to handle everything from your finances to your healthcare. The Law Office Of Felice A. Brodsky can help you transfer your wishes to a legal document that will be enforced whenever you're medically incapacitated, giving you control over your future. After death, we will help your survivors file for probate to distribute your assets as you have specified according to your will.

Our estate planning attorney will review your situation with you and make sure all of your wants and needs are accounted for. Discuss your future with a skilled attorney in Lockport, NY today.

How estate planning can help

How estate planning can help

You can plan for all kinds of situations to make sure you and your family's interests are protected. Our estate planning attorney can help you...

  • Create a will to decide how your assets will be managed or divided
  • Designate powers of attorney if you ever need someone to make decisions for you
  • Use Medicaid planning to help make sure you have a strategy if you need long-term care

It's never too early to create a legal will. By having a plan in place, you'll rest easier knowing your wishes will be respected in any situation. Contact our experienced attorney at 716-434-0024 for legal guidance.