Were You Denied for a Social Security Disability Claim?

Our Social Security disability attorney in Lockport, NY can help

You have enough to worry about when you're suffering from a disability. You may be losing income if you're unable to work while medical debt piles up. There's no reason to add the Social Security disability process to the list. Work with a Social Security disability attorney who has:

  • 14 years of actual experience working in Social Security
  • Spent the past 26 ½ years practicing Social Security disability law
  • Over 40 years of experience helping people of all backgrounds get the financial assistance they need.

  • The Law Office Of Felice A. Brodsky has helped thousands of people in Lockport, NY with SSI and SSDI claims. Whether you're dealing with a rejected claim or need to file, we can explain the process and help you every step of the way. Make an appointment by contacting our Social Security and elder law attorney today.

    How SSI and SSDI are different

    Two primary programs provide benefits to people suffering from a disability. The Law Office Of Felice A. Brodsky can help you apply for the program that best fits your situation. Social Security is based on having a long-term disability and also paying into Social Security for at least ten years, in most cases, with five of the years occurring in the last ten years. SSI is a needs based program based on the same disability standards, but differs in that you need to meet certain income and asset limits. Some people qualify for one or the other, and some qualify for both. Please call us to discuss your possible case at 716-434-0024 or email us at fbrodskylaw@gmail.com.

    Why choose the Law Office Of Felice A. Brodsky?

    Why choose the Law Office Of Felice A. Brodsky?

    When it comes to getting the help you need, you want to choose an attorney that cares about your wants and needs. Visit the Law Office Of Felice A. Brodsky because...

    • We'll take the time to explain your legal options so you understand the process
    • Our attorney has been helping people with Social Security claims for over 40 years and will fight zealously for your benefits
    • Our office is welcoming, comfortable and handicap-accessible
    • We will only charge legal fees if we win your case

    The world of Social Security benefits is complicated and confusing. Don't try to travel through the maze by yourself. Call our Social Security disability attorney today.